Our Mission

To make technology more approachable for everyone on your team from managers to engineers to operators. Everyday we work to deserve the reputation of being a go-to company when you need to deliver!

Our Company

Real Time Development has been helping companies like yours deliver advanced solutions for the past 13 years with over 60 years of combined expertise .  The company was founded on the idea that technology had to be made more approachable to  engineers.  The company has focused on this goal with hundreds of successful deliveries.  Our company takes pride in its reputation as a go-to company when you need to deliver!

Nat Frampton - President

Nat has been delivering engineering based software solutions for the Past 22 years.  He graduated with a BSME from the University of Maryland in 1989.  Nat serves as an industry representative from Microsoft Corp. and the US Army in developing and understanding the needs of Industrial Automation.  Nat has authored hundreds of papers, articles and presentations on the state of industrial automation, security and software development.  He has been granted numerous patents on the application of advanced technology to Industrial Automation.




We are pleased to announce the release of the Solution Family of Products creating MTConnect® Production Monitoring and Improvements for the Machine Tool Industry!

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